Thursday, April 3, 2014

European Vacation

Life has kept me busy the past couple of months, but I'm feeling inspired to share another set of vacation-themed outfits!  I'm particularly proud of these, probably because to me they embody what I would love to wear if I took an extended vacation to Europe. 

I've never been to Europe, but my bucket list is full of countries, landmarks, and people I want to see if I ever get the chance to go.  I've imagined how much fun it would be to travel from Ireland to Italy, stopping at as many countries as I can in between.  There would be limitless activities, and each country would offer its own charms and secret treasures. 

Here is my packing list for my someday-trip to Europe:

Find the original image(s) here:  European Vacation Packing List
In my carry-on:
- 3 basic tanks
- 2 plain t-shirts
- 2 dressy blouses
- 1 striped boatneck tee
- 1 lightweight sweater
- 1 tunic
- 1 classic white button-down blouse
- 1 pair dark rinse jeans
- 1 pair denim capris
- 2 pairs dressy capris
- 2 skirts (one mini, one maxi)
- 2 pairs shorts (one dressy, one casual)
- 1 casual, striped dress
- 1 printed sundress
- 1 blazer
- 1 trench coat
- 1 cardigan
- 1 pair black flats
- 1 pair nude sandals
- 1 pair casual sneakers
- 1 pair black flip flops
- 1 hat (fedora)
- 2 printed scarves
- 1 bathing suit (one piece)
- watch, jewelry, and sunglasses
I was able to get 57 outfits from all this...plenty of choices for an extended trip!  Here's my travel outfit:
By wearing the heaviest/bulkiest items, more space is cleared up for everything else!  Here are the outfit combinations I came up with, basing each group on a different top.  Enjoy!
Asymetrical Sweater Outfits
Striped Black Dress Outfits

Black T-Shirt Outfits

Black Tunic Outfits

Ivory Silk Blouse Outfits

Printed Sundress Outfits

Striped Boatneck Tee Outfits

Printed Silk Blouse Outfits

White Button-Up Blouse Outfits

White T-Shirt Outfits
I also added ideas for places one might want to wear each outfit...keep in mind this (imaginary) trip covers many countries and multiple weeks.  I had fun dreaming up activities I would like to do in Europe and matching outfits to them. 
If you're planning your own European vacation, maybe you'll find some inspiration from these outfits.  Until next time!
~Carry-On Couture~