Saturday, January 25, 2014

Outdoorsy Vacation

This post is the first of what I hope to be many posts about what to pack in a carry-on bag for your next vacation.  I consider myself an unofficial "expert" on packing, what with my numerous moves as a child and the four years I spent living away from my home state (2006-2010).  I took many trips back and forth, and I learned a lot about how to pack lightly during those days.  Not to mention, my husband and I love to travel; and while we have already taken some amazing vacations together, we aren't done yet!  All of these reasons and more are why I started Carry On Couture.

This blog is to be my outlet.  I love lists.  I love packing.  I love planning.  I love clothes.  I love making outfits.  I love daydreaming.  I love Polyvore.  I love fitting everything I need for trips into carry-on sized bags.  I used to not be so organized when it comes to packing.  Funny story - for our honeymoon nine years ago, the hubs and I went on a seven-day Carnival cruise to Mexico and Belize.  For that vacation, I filled a large suitcase (the jumbo size / fit-a-body-in-there size) with every article of clothing I owned that could potentially be worn in warm weather.  Seriously.  I'm not even kidding.  I lugged that thing all the way from our reception to the dock, tripped over it every time I walked around in our tiny room, and wore maybe 5% of what I brought.  Lesson learned.  These days, I stick to what I can fit in an overhead bin, and I even managed to pack for a week-long ski vacation two years ago using only a backpack and a small carry-on suitcase.  I'm pretty proud of that one! 

The main reason for this blog, I suppose, is my dissatisfaction with other packing lists I've seen online, mainly on Pinterest.  I like the visuals that come with its often-pinned packing guides, and I love seeing how different outfits can come together from just a handful of pieces.  The only problem is usually the items of clothing chosen for these visual checklists.  The problem is I wouldn't actually wear a lot of the outfits I've seen.  At this point, it's probably a good idea to let you know some basic facts about this blogger:

1. I don't wear skinny jeans.
2. If I could live in workout clothes, I would (and I often do anyway).
3. I like fancy, trendy clothes.  I just don't like them on me.  I always feel like an imposter or like I'm playing dress-up. 
4. I wear very little jewelry, but I love hats and scarves.
5. My personal style is a cross between J Crew and The North Face:  classy, simplistic, practical, slightly preppy, and always comfortable.

If any of that doesn't sit well with you, then you're probably not going to get a lot out of my packing lists.  However, if you, like me, love fashion but not every trend and are tired of only seeing outfits built around clothes you would never really wear, this could be your packing guide jackpot! 

Ok, enough blabbing about myself.  My first packing list is meant for any vacation you might take that could be described as "outdoorsy."  By that I mean a vacation where you plan on doing some hiking, camping, canoeing, and fishing.  And what vacation is complete without at least one shopping trip?  Here you go:

Outdoorsy Vacation Packing List

* Find the original image here on my Polyvore:

1 pair of jeans
1 pair of yoga capris
2 pairs of casual shorts
1 pair of athletic shorts
3 sport bras
3 t-shirts
4 tank tops
1 long sleeved tee
1 lightweight jacket
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of water sandals (Chacos have my heart...)
1 baseball cap
1 bathing suit
1 watch
1 pair of sunglasses
I got about twenty outfits that I love just from the 22 articles of clothing (I don't count the watch and sunglasses).  Here's what I came up with, basing each set of outfits around the five bottoms and going from there:

4 outfits with jeans

4 outfits with athletic shorts

4 outfits with yoga capris

4 outfits with denim shorts

4 outfits with cargo shorts
This summer, my husband, myself, our baby girl, and hopefully a few other close friends are planning to embark on a road trip to Yellowstone, and that is why this is my first packing list.  It will be hot in Wyoming with some potentially cool nights thrown in.  I love shades of blue, and I own many similar articles of clothing to what you see in this list.  I can't wait to put this list into action, and I hope it also helps someone else out there to plan for their own summertime "outdoorsy" vacation!
Until next time!

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